Tree Trimming and Removal

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Property owners who have trees and bushes around their homes and businesses need to think about regular tree pruning and tree trimming to keep their plants looking great and to make sure they stay healthy.  Let the arborists at Baton Rouge Tree Service take the worry about caring for your trees and bushes by scheduling regular maintenance for your plants.

In the Baton Rouge area, it is especially important to trim trees on a regular basis to help keep your property safe during inclement weather like hurricanes and tropical storms.  You do not want your trees to infringe on your home or invade a neighbor’s property.  The experts a Baton Rouge Tree service offer a wide variety of services for tree trimming including crown thinning, crown raising, and crown reduction to make sure that your trees do not grow asymmetrically or hang down over any part of your home, causing potential damage in the future.  We also specialize in bush and shrub pruning to keep your landscaping looking pristine and to make sure that your shrubs and bushes do not overcrowd any parts of the exterior of your home or business.


The hard answer is that it depends on the tree.  Overall, the best time to prune trees is between early winter and early spring before the tree begins to bloom.  Pruning trees while they are dormant encourages healthy growth as the weather gets warmer.  If you prune trees while they are in full bloom, you may stunt the growth of those trees or even make them susceptible to disease. However, if you have dead, diseased, or falling down branches, there is never a bad time to remove those. 

Most mature trees need to be pruned every 3-5 years.  Immature trees will need this service a bit more often, and if you are in need of pruning for shrubs and bushes, those need to be cut back 2-4 times a year to maintain overall health and growth.  Call the arborists at Baton Rouge Tree Service to schedule one time or ongoing maintenance of your trees, shrubs, and bushes.


Sometimes, a tree experiences such damage that it cannot be repaired and must be removed.  If you believe that this is the case on your property, call the team of arborists at Baton Rouge Tree Service to see if your tree needs to be removed and replaced.  Many property owners also choose to remove trees because of potential damage that a large tree can do to structures around it.  Homeowners may be under the impression that they can take care of the problem by themselves using equipment that they have already, but we would encourage you not to try to remove a tree on your own as tree removal can be dangerous to you, your property, or surrounding properties if done incorrectly.  Many times, our team of experts can remove trees relatively quickly, but there are times when we need specialized equipment like a crane or a bucket truck to remove limbs safely.  Before you start any tree removal project, contact us for the assistance you need.

While it is not always easy to tell if your tree is dead or dying as the signs may be subtle, here are some things to look out for if you think your tree may be in need of removal:

-Chipped or peeling bark

-Cracks in the tree’s trunk

-Dead or hanging branches, especially in the upper crown of the tree

-Small twigs with no buds on them near the ends of branches

-Mushrooms or other fungi growing at the base of the trunk

All of these may be indications that your tree is dead or dying.  Contact the professionals at Baton Rouge Tree Service, and we will come out to evaluate the health of your tree and recommend treatment or removal.  It is imperative that property owners take tree care seriously as dead or dying trees can be unpredictable, particularly during hurricane season.  No one can predict the breaking point of dead or dying trees, so contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on tree removal.


Tree Removal costs vary according to the size of the tree and the area in which it is located.  A small tree of 10-20 feet may cost less than $500 to remove while a very large tree may cost thousands of dollars to remove.  Costs may increase if specialized equipment needs to be used to fell the tree or if the tree is in a tight space that requires many cuts before the tree can be taken down.  Contact Baton Rouge Tree Service for more information about tree removal costs.


If you have used another company for tree removal services or if you have removed a tree yourself, you may be left with an unsightly stump where the tree used to be.  If this is the case, call our professional crew to help you remove the stump and fill in the ground to create a beautiful landscape for your home or business once again.  Once you hire our team, the crew will come out with specialized equipment to remove the stump as well as the underlying roots of the tree.  Once that has been removed, we will replace the sod in the area, rake, and make sure that you are left with an even surface.

Our crew can also use both small and large stump grinders to grind down a tree stump without removing the underlying roots of the tree if the tree has not infringed on any other structures in the area.  Once the stump has been ground to soil level, we will plant sod where the tree stump once was and even out the surfaces, leaving you without the eyesore that a tree stump always is.

Thank you for considering Baton Rouge Tree Service for all of your trimming and removal needs.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote, and let us begin to help you take the best care that you can of your landscaping.

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Trimming trees can be dangerous. Trimming a tree improperly could not only harm your tree but can cause damage to your property or yourself. Trust the Pros and Baton Rouge tree Service. Call today for a free quote. 

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